About Us

K2 Pumps is an innovative line of residential and light commercial pumps, with a concentrated focus on quality, performance and efficiency. We have a history of world class engineering, automated manufacturing excellence, and customer-focused product development. Our manufacturing strategy of complete vertical integration delivers energy efficient pumps with exceptional performance.
K2 Pumps offers a complete lineup of water pumps including sump, utility, sewage, effluent, grinder, jet, booster, pool pumps and more. If you're looking for high quality pumps, with performance you can count on, check us out.

World-Class Engineering

World-class engineering

With a rich history of world-class engineering, manufacturing excellence, and customer-focused innovation, we offer dependable solutions for your Residential Water needs. Our strength is in listening to you, our Customer, to better understand your needs and preferences. We respond by designing and manufacturing quality products that meet and exceed expectations, and help you install pumps faster and more efficiently.

Our Customers are Number 1

Our customers are #1

We appreciate your business. Our focus is to find more ways to better serve you. YOU are the number one priority at GP Enterprises Co., Ltd.


Quality and performance

K2 Pumps offers the very best in Residential Water Pumps. If you are looking for high quality pumps, with  performance you can count on at a real value, check us out. We look forward to helping you by providing solutions to your pumping needs.