Pool Pumps

A properly performing Pool Pump is essential to keeping pool water fresh and clean. Today’s pumps can run at different speeds to save money on energy without compromising on water quality.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Energy-efficient, DOE and CEC compliant variable speed pool pumps deliver up to 80% energy savings compared to single speed pool pumps. Program speeds and timing for up to 4 different time periods.

Two-Speed Pool Pumps

2-speed, self priming Pool Pumps suitable for Inground and Aboveground swimming pools. Energy-efficient, DOE compliant 230V motor operates at both low and high speeds. Available in 1.0 HP and 1.5 HP versions.

Pool Cover Pump

The K2 Pumps 1/4 HP Automatic Pool Cover Pump is lightweight and easy to use for removing water from pool covers and spas. The pump is designed with a sensor that detects water and automatically turns the pump ON and OFF. The Strainer Base helps protect the pool cover, filters debris and keeps the pump stable. The Base "snaps" on and off, allowing it to be used as a submersible utility pump.